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Everyone loves a good story and we all want to know what someone's all about?  For instance what's with the dragonfly?  I fell in love with dragonfly's many years ago and it's a part of me and my identity.  How did it start, I'm honestly not sure but all these years later I can truly say it's just part of me.  I think they're beautiful, elegant and mysterious.  As the years wore on I've collected a myriad of anything dragonfly, they are close to my heart. 


There was one time my husband was working away from home and he called to tell me what happened that day, we always talked at least three times a day. He was working out on the golf course and said everywhere he went he had hundreds of dragonflies following him and all he could think about was me.  I was so touched and missed him even more than I normally did.  We were an amazing team and very much in love, we had plans and a future.  Life was heading in an amazing direction but as we know life has a way of making plans when we least expect it. That's what happened to us.  In 2004 he suddenly passed, our future was gone.  I was devastated, how do I possibly carry on......how do I tell my children.  It was a very dark time in my life and has been a struggle.  He was gone but not the love that we had.  He's forever in my heart and is missed by anyone who knew him. 

Picking up the pieces has be extremely hard and it was during this time in my life that I decided to pursue another love in my life and that was photography. It has been a long journey as well as a healing one.  I feel most at peace when I can create wonderful images that bring my clients joy.  I know the value of having images to hold dear.  I'm able to look back at my photo's (lord knows I have rubbermaid bins full) and see what my life was and is. It brings me such joy and takes me back to those moments in time.  

I know you have amazing heartfelt stories that you hold near and dear, our stories are unique to each and everyone of us. As you find yourself on this amazing, wonderful journey of life may you be blessed every day.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

















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